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Ryan in Breaker High

Hi! I'm new to the community, but I had a question and I was hoping someone here could help me.

A while back, I stumbled over a website that had Breaker High episodes avaliable to download, but of course I misplaced the URL and I can't remember how I found the site.

Does anyone know what website I'm remembering? Help, please!

Oh, and a second question - does anyone know where I can find an mp3 of Ryan singing "Put Me in the Car"?

Found 'em!

Ryan singing "Put me in the car" in the media section of USofG (Thanks icon_beauty!)

Some Breaker High eps and some YH eps can be downloaded at Get in the water.
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I can't help you with Breaker High, but "Put me in the Car" along with a few clips of a few other songs can be found at USofG in the Media section. =)

I managed to find the other one too! Edited my post to include them ^_^
I'm glad you found everything! =)
I just went to that site and all of the video links are dead. :(

do you still have any of the files saved?
Wow, I FAIL at replying to comments. I have all 50 YH eps saved, but I only have 4 Breaker High eps.
hahah holy crap I was like wtf is this?? Oh well, better late than never! :P

Do you have them on a site or uploaded anywhere?
The four Breaker High eps I have can be downloaded by clicking these links and saving them to your own computer:

I'm slowly but surely uploading my YH eps here: