Erinina Batina Hillary! (ether_bunny) wrote in ryangoslingfans,
Erinina Batina Hillary!

Hi everyone! My name is Erin, I'm a big Ryan Gosling fan, and I've noticed a serious lack of screencapping and representation of him in some of his lesser-known films.

So! I screencapped two of them. One of them is the Slaughter Rule, which I have 2450-ish screencaps from. Yes, I was obsessive. I don't screencap a lot of movies, so when I do screencap, I am very thorough. Anyway, not all the caps are strictly of Ryan, there are many of the other characters as well, and given the program I use I watch the movie and cap while I watch it, so I don't see the screencaps until afterward. A few of them are blurry, but most of them are good quality. And hey, it's better than nothing, right?

So the link is here.

You don't need to credit me if any of you use the screencaps, but I would LOVE to see the icons or graphics that come from them, so it would be great if you would let me know if you do use them, if only so I can check out your stuff.

I also found a movie on Amazon that I have never seen any screencaps for, anywhere. It was a made-for-TV movie that he did in 1998, so he was like 18 in it. The movie itself is basically terrible, but there are a ton of cute pics of him in it, he's absolutely adorable. It's called "Nothing To Good For A Cowboy". Yes, it features him in cowboy garb, with horses and basically just being cute.

The link to the screencaps for that is here. There are significantly less, mostly because I didn't cap the whole movie, I just capped Ryan's role, which was a minor one, though he did have a few cute scenes.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the screencaps! I might, sometime in the future, do The Believer, but I'm not sure when. Let me know if you really want some caps from it and I'll probably get a move on. But for now I'm pretty burned out on capping.

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